For the cartoonist inside you!

There are some things that speaks to us; straight to our hearts; straight to our souls. This is one such concept that has the capacity to blow your mind and make you want to unlock that potential in you. We have all been rejected, our ideas laughed at or our spirits crushed at some point. This ad seems to have answered all the questions you might have about opportunities, your talent and passions and the heights you can reach with the right intention.
While we all know RK Laxman and his satirical comic strips that created a trademark for what he stood for and believed in; not all artists need a newspaper to get their work across to people.
Conceptualised by McCann Erickson, the ad tells the story of a cartoonist who loses his job in a newspaper and is dejected but doesn’t give up on his dreams as his talent finds new ways to shine. Vikrant Massey who stars as the cartoonist in the ad does a fine job and fits perfectly into the role. Kudos and more power to feel good ads like these. #ItAllStarts with Nescafe.

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