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Find out Maanta Dewan's secrets to staying beautiful and stylish

The vivacious Maanta Dewan gives us her top tips to stay beautiful and stylish
Be You Tiful:
Beauty to me is about being comfortable in my own skin. Just being myself! I would spell that as BE YOU tiful!
Keep it Simple Silly:
Less is more! Beauty is not about caking your face with make up. I prefer being natural and don’t like wearing too much make up. For me, it is about wearing a smile, and I love wearing that all the time. Also, one of the best compliments I have received would be “You smile with your eyes”, which, by the way, came from a girl (smiles)
Happy girls are the prettiest:
Wearing a smile with confidence and having a positive attitude is my secret killer combination. It works like magic every single time (winks)
The pretty Maanta Dewan
The pretty Maanta Dewan
Follow your heart:
Personally for me, beauty is inside out. It is about having a good heart, feeling good, healthy and energetic. Fortunately, I have a high metabolic rate, so I eat everything without feeling any guilt. I don’t go to the gym, but I sweat it out by walking and dancing. I believe it is important to do what one loves and not follow the herd, as everyone is different. Many people do get jealous, but I am blessed to be a lucky foodie (sticks her tongue)
My BBF (Beauty Best Friend) is water. I cannot even go a few hours without it and I have managed to maintain this good habit since my school days (Thanks to my mom). Even today, if you check my bag, you will find at least one water bottle if not two. My friends make fun of this, but I don’t care. I am happy and hydrated.

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