Ana Rotili

Ana Rotili

Indeed, there are a ton of Brazilian ad models propelling the fashion, media and entertainment industry in India. So, are you all ready for round Two?!
Ana Claudia Rotili,  Camila Granato, Mariana de Luccas, Camila Vilelademoraes Carvalho, Gabriela Bertante, Giselle Monterio, Izabelle Farias, Bruna Abdullah, Taciane Matos, Charliane Luiza de Carli, Nathalia Kaur…. I wish the list never ends! 😉
Hiring foreign models for Indian brands is not a new trend. The advertisers have been opting for the Western models since the 1990s. Remember those Denim ads? Or the latest Deo ads? There are models from all parts of the globe promoting brands in the subcontinent – Russians, Asians, Americans, Mexicans, Egyptians, Thais,  who not…  :-/ 

Who is the ad model in Vaseline, Clear, White Tone ads?
Can you please tell me who is the ad model in Vaseline, Clear, White Tone ads? Yes.

International models have in hand experience and tons of camera exposure; ample modeling attitude (well, cultures still dominate in our country, but yes, attitude matters!); flawless skin; and of course flaunting statistics, imparting international appeal for our local brands.
More importantly many of them do not charge as much as the established Indian models or the Bollywood divas. An enchanting face also enables advertisers to air the commercials across the regional, national, and international television channels and print medias! Models need not deliver dialogues in the 20sec TVC either (no matter how complex the language be!). Glowing, smiley face is more than suffice to engrave the brand in minds (and their face in hearts!). 😉 So why Brazilian Divas? Because they resemble our divas (many are even prettier :)).
#3. Ana Rotili is a lovely model in early 20s, from Brazil. Her Birthday is today, 25 January! She has worked in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines Malaysia, and Brazil before moving to India. Ana is the face of a handful of brands here.
Ana Rotili model
Ad Diva Ana Rotili is the face of many international brands

Ana Rotili Lotus Herbals, Clear Shampoo, Vaseline, White Tone ad model
The mesmerizing Brazilian diva

Ana has worked in many TV commercials – Close Up, Vaseline, Samsung Champ, Orra Diamond Jewellery, IndiaCan Education, Jos Alukkas, Butterfly Automatic Cooker, Pizza Hut, Lotus Herbals, White Tone Face Powder, Acer Laptops, Maruti Astar, Lux Cozy Onn, Sunsilk (aross Asia), Sprite (Pakistan), Rebisco Biscuits (Philippines),  Geepas Mobile (UAE), Rádio Itapema RS FM (Brazil), NutriSari Orange (Indonesia), and so on. Some beautiful pictorial stuff here.
Ana in the recently launched Pizza Hut Crown Pizza, Sunsilk, and Orra Jewellery ads:
Lux Cozy ONN with Sharukh Khan! (sh!t ad, btw):
IndiaCan TVC:
You might fall asleep before the Jos Alukkas ad concludes! 😛
Close Up (with Surya):
White Tone Face Powder:
Lotus Herbals SPF:
Enjoy more TVC videos on Ana’s YouTube channel:
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