Always Always Khush

If you are feeling the Monday blues, this is what you should be watching. Great concept, beautifully shot and as quirky and innovative as it can get.
Playing around the theme of ‘Rudalis’, this Radio Mirchi ad is lengthy but you are going to stay hooked and entertained right up till the end. In Rajasthan professional weeper women are hired to mourn the death in a family. Their profession is to cry. Radio Mirchi uses this as a spin for their tag line Mirchi Sunne Wale Always Khush with a storyline about the new generation Rudalis who are drowning their profession because they can’t really cry at funerals.

Rudali Radio Mirchi
Rudali Radio Mirchi

The older generation mother, leader is shown disappointed with her group of young women who aren’t good at their crying jobs and get thrown out of homes or not called back again. The best part is the ending where the women reveal their dilemma which is pure joy-Radiomirchi playing on their phones.
The old woman plugged in to Radio Mirchi and dancing to Banno Tera Swagger with the younger women is one of the best endings.

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