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"Being a model is like flying with the fishes or swimming with the pigeons" – Nazia Davison

Let us introduce you to the beautiful Nazia Davison, a model and theatre artist from the vibrant Gujarat. Though just 18, Nazia has had a tremendous success, winning beauty pageants, working for famous designers, meeting industry’s big shots, and performing emotional plays in theater.
Possessing an innate ability to think creatively and speak beyond her age, Nazia Davison says: “…I have tasted shades of life enough!” “I feel that girls are sometimes underestimated; we should as a society broaden a bit and stretch our backs to let these caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies. If I can do it, so can anyone else,” she asserts.
Nazia has been part of many brands, boutiques, endorsement campaigns, and has worked with designers like Neolithic Fashion, Dipali Shah – Haute Couture, Vishwas Nayak Collection, Tattavam – Bridesmaid-Brides’ Best Friend, Noya and Darpan Academy of Arts. She has walked the ramp for brands like Globus Fashion. She was also part of Lux The Chosen One show on UTV, and wore the title ‘Miss Radiant Glow’ by Lakme.
Learn more about her in this interesting conversation. She’s awesome for her age!

Nazia Davison hot model
Cutie Nazia Davison talks to IAD about her life, profession, dreams and more.

How did modeling happen to you?
I come from a very small town of Gujarat where I completed my schooling. In my town nobody can even in their wildest of dreams think of modeling and acting as a profession. I was never a studious kid; in fact, I was more than happy to get the pass marks! (laughs) I was young when I began modelling in 8th grade, and would do it only for fun. I started getting sudden attention from people and so I went with the flow. As I continued to pose for the camera, my interest gradually turned into profession.
Fashion to you is? 
If you think skin show is what sexy and boldness is, think again. Fashion is not what you flaunt, but the spirit that you’re the best thing who’s walked the designer’s creation. It is carrying you gracefully, even if it were hot pants or a pair of borrowed jeans! You should wear what represents your personality, as ‘there are hints about who you are in what you wear’. 🙂
Nazia Davison
Nazia Davison is a model from Gujarat, India

Describe the Miss India beauty pageant experience?
As a model, I did win several local beauty pageants. I participated in the fbb Femina Miss India Miss India Ahmedabad 2014 contest and was chosen the Campus Princess. During that time, I underwent the rigorous training and grooming program with the Miss India Organization and met people best in the business. I was glad to be part of such a grand space. Coming from a small town, the news that I was the only one to be selected from my state gave me immense jubilation. (smile broadens)
What is it like to be a model in the society? What does it take to be one?
Being a model, especially in a place like mine, is like flying with the fishes or swimming with the pigeons! People think models just need the right attitude. There is a lot more to modeling than just having good physique and long legs. The work can get very strenuous. At times, when the photographer wants to experiment, you seem to be his only frog to be dissected. In one of my recent shoots, I had to pose with a horse. I swear to God, that big beast really did scare me. All I could do was whisper in her ears softly, “This, this one for sure is the last shot. Come on say cheese!” (laughs out loud)
From early morning shoots to working late at nights, from staying fit, dieting to walking in high stilettos for hours, and maintaining the posture. Whoa! Dude, it’s no cake walk! But I think no one should settle for less than what they truly deserve.
Nazia describing what it takes to be a model. Zenith Banker Photography.

How does it feel like to be on TV or a huge billboard?
Well, personally, I see the reflection of all my hard work and endeavors. I feel extremely happy when I receive calls and greetings from people about my work.
Those were the hardships at work. Talk about a day in your life?
I am not one of our Hindi film characters, full of life or adventurous. I am an introvert and there are several things that even the closest person to me wouldn’t know. I observe a lot and mimic the people I meet; am a happy go lucky creature. My friends say I am funny and weird. So describing just a day would rather seem boring! 😉
What are your hobbies, hidden talents?
I am an avid reader. I love to roam alone and sketch my observations about people, places and things with words on paper. I have a descriptive artistry! I love spending time with my family, also I can laze for a whole day doing nothing but watching TV! I love animals and am associated with NGOs for their well being.
How did you develop an interest towards acting?
I was always interested in acting since childhood. Also, one of my uncles from Dubai had a lot of experience in theater and cinema. He helped me improvise my acting skills and practice voice modulations. My first successful audition was for a corporate film for Euro 7000 Adhesives. That’s how an actor in me was born.
Nazia Davison for Tattavam
Nazia Davison for Tattavam!

Your best work so far?
To be honest, I have genuinely given my 100% to all the work I did, be it was an hour’s project or a month’s. So I can’t be biased. However, one of the most challenging works so far would be getting under the skin of my character for a small-budget feature film called Shortcut Safari, by Amitabh Singh.
Tell us about your family and their support?
I am a very lucky girl. My family is extremely chirpy and delightful; they will make you feel home even if it were your first meet. My dad is a cool dude and mom is like those filmy Punjabi mothers, funny yet emotional. Thanks to my two elder sisters who keep me on track with the fashion trends.
Could you please give us some skincare and beauty tips?
Drink lots and lots of water. That’s the best and basic thing to do. Get enough sleep and laugh as much!! Make up can ruin your skin. So use only minimal make up when not necessarily necessary. Apply Tomatoes, Cucumber Papaya, and Apple to your skin; make homemade packs with rosewater. A quick tip would be to apply ice for an immediate glow. But nothing matters if you’re beautiful within! 🙂
Nazia posing for Zenith Banker photo.
Nazia posing for Zenith Banker photo.

Favorite food? Anything that comes from mom’s kitchen goes into my belly!
First celebrity crush? Hrithik Roshan. I was 5!
Relation status? I am too young for any kind of responsibility. I am busy fulfilling my dreams. Bf can wait! 🙂
Best feature? People say that my eyes are expressive and say a lot about who I am.
Favorite actors? A big SRK fan; Arjun Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddique, Kangna Ranaut to name a few.
Favorite model? I unconditionally admire the ultimate Alesia Raut. She is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and always looks a stunner, hands down!
Have you imagined yourself in any other profession?
Film-making, direction and scripting… they all fascinate me. I remember, as a child, when kids of my age would play with their kitchen or doctor sets, I would be busy gathering friends, giving them dialogues, creating stories, dressing up and enacting maniac scenes, locking myself in the room and recording my voice in different tones. I want to be involved in the movies more than anything else… Live my life listening to “cut, retake, shot 1, take 1 and pack up”. 🙂
Future plans?
Well, right now I don’t really know what’s next in store for me. Currently, I am waiting for the release of the feature film I mentioned. I am widening my interests and trying to learn new subjects of art.
Nazia Davison, you go girl! ♥

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