“Though risky, I mustered the courage to come to Mumbai” – Kristine Zedek

What are the big campaigns that you are part of?

I’ve worked for Compaq with Shah Rukh Khan, Nokia with Priyanka Chopra, ICICI, Ambipur Air Freshner, Cardia Life, Saffola Arise, Fiat, Crabtree Switches, Birla Sun Life Insurance, Hero Glamour, among others. I have done print campaigns for Benetton, Idea, Godrej Furniture, Parachute Oil to name a few.

What is your best work according to you?

I’m proud of all my work…but if you insist, my most special project would be my short film Mehrooni. I’m a chirpy and bubbly girl in reality but for Mehrooni, I had to look and play a very serene, calm and composed girl, Mrs Sharma, who did not even speak once in the film. Imagine me not being able to talk and be so contained! [laughs] Mehrooni touched many people’s lives, made them cry and spread love the world over. It still continues to be shared by 100s on the net (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) and the messages still keep rolling in everyday, about appreciating how beautiful this film is and how it’s changed their way of looking at life and love! That’s the power of something that is pure, emotional, simple and yet touching. So for me…that’s truly special.

Kristine can portray any avatar with super ease!
Kristine can portray any avatar with super ease!

Tell us about your Family

I lost my father when I was very young. He was a true champion in all walks of life. My mom looked after us three kids on her own, in a city like Dubai. I am the youngest in the family. I have my elder brother, Charles who is a well established, high profile Photographer in Dubai and my sister Angelina, is a professional baker (for personalized and theme cakes) and pet photographer. My family still lives in Dubai and each time I visit them, it’s a constant celebration! We are proud of one another and are super supportive of each other’s achievements. They love seeing me on TV!

How do you manage all alone in Mumbai?

Oh, boy! What a question! Yes, I have to take care of myself, health, food, and pay my bills. The city has been challenging but it made me grow strong and learn. It’s all about passion. I came to a city which I was not familiar with. I wanted to make my own living. I had to convince my mom not to support me financially as it would have pushed me into a comfort zone. If you can endure a city like Mumbai, you can endure anything. It all depends on your belief system. Only your optimism, positive attitude to life, being strong and firm can help you survive. There’s nobody to pamper me, but there are some lovely, trustworthy friends that I’m blessed with. They are my pillars of strength.

What are Kristine’s hobbies and talents?

Reading, travelling, sketching, trying new dishes, playing board games; I’m a restless person, always learning something new and exciting. I write in my free time. I have trained in Kathak, Contemporary Hip Hop, Latin dance forms, and I can ride a Horse as well! Learning languages and musical instruments are next on the list! 🙂

kristine zedek ad model actor
Kristine Zedek has been part of projects that got cult following

What do you want to be known as?

If people say that Kristine is somebody who hasn’t changed as a person regardless of her achievements and that she is somebody who has been true to herself…well that would be the best thing to be known for.

And if anyone says I’m like my mom, that’s even a bigger compliment. She’s still child like, so humble, super cute, funny and always reminding me to thank God for all that we have.

Anything you want to change about yourself?

Are you kidding me? [Laughs hysterically] Even God wouldn’t want me to change because He made me super crazy, whacky and unique!!!

10 years from now?

I’ll still be the same…Making people laugh and trying to make a difference in this world. My core is never going to change. Professionally, I wish to have my own talk show. Personally, travel around the world, be super duper rich and have even more enriching experiences and memories! 🙂

Your strengths as an actor?

On the internal level… my real life experiences and emotions! Externally, it would be my smile, expressive eyes but mainly my versatility. I can transform into shades of different characters like a chameleon, from the girl next door, a hippie, or even a dark character! I deliver the director’s vision and am a director’s actor.

The kind of happiness I get from being in front of the camera is priceless! I truly feel blessed to have done the kind of projects that I bagged.

Your inspiration; what keeps you moving?

We get inspired by so many people…both celebrities and the lesser known heroes we meet in our everyday lives. From the celebrity bandwagon…I would say I’m inspired by Oprah Winfrey. She has used her fame to help millions of people worldwide!

From the not famous people…I would say my MOM! I’ve grown up seeing her work, manage us and still smile through it all. She’s my biggest inspiration. She’s also my biggest critic and I love her for that. My dream is to take her on a world tour someday.

What keeps moving me…well…it’s the unpredictability and surprise factor that life keeps offering me around every corner! It’s so exciting! Every day is a new day and the possibilities are infinite! I just love it! Life is truly adventurous and so beautiful! We have much to be grateful for than not!

Some encouraging words to conclude…

Follow your heart and keep your conscience clear. It’s very important to stay strong to your beliefs, principles and ethics. These are what drives you, defines who you are and above all gives you character, for what you stand for. It’s important to be clear with what you want in your life. Stay connected to your family…they are the only ones who will still be there when no one else will.  And smile while you still have teeth!!! 🙂

Quick bites:

Coolest Compliment – That I look like Marion Cotillard
Favourite TV Channel – Romedy Now: Love. Laugh. Live. (That’s totally me!)
Books – Mystery, Thrillers, Motivational; Authors – John Grisham, Fredrick Foresyth, Robin Sharma
Your last movie – Gravity (a must watch)
Strengths – My family, my sense of values. Also am versatile and photogenic. But my biggest and unfailing strength would be my faith in the one above! I love to experiment a lot too.
Your dream roles – A Beautiful Mind (Russell Crowe’s part) and Life is Beautiful (Roberto Benigni)

We can never thank the ad makers enough for these emotion-triggering films!

Men are good! Proof: ICICI Prudential Life – Bande Ache Hain TVC:

Cardia Life Oil:


Crabtree – switch the mood:

Compaq with Shahrukh Khan:

Johnson & Johnson Baby Soap:

Tunnel Engineer in Hero Glamour TVC (singers: Aditi Singh Sharma & Saumya Raoh)

Watch and share this amazing short film Mehrooni:

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