8 skincare tips from pageant queen – Vaishnavi Patwardhan

Vaishnavi Patwardhan was trained extensively on conducting herself as a pageant queen during her tenure at the Femina Miss India 2016. A big part of her training revolved around beauty, fitness, and skin care. Tune in as Vaishnavi shares some laurels from her kitty for our readers – her hard-earned secrets to beauty.
Tip 1: Sunscreen Sunscreen and Sunscreen

A Sunscreen Lotion is the first and the most important boon for your skin. The UV rays of the sun are the biggest villains in the skincare narrative. They will give you wrinkles, dark spots, dull skin, and more such horrors. Sunscreen is your friend and a savior. So do not ever forget to apply it, even if you are sitting at home with the windows open!
Tip 2: Know yourself and your skin
As is the case with solving any problem, you have first to know it very well. The same goes for skin care. Pay attention to your skin – what it likes, what it hates. Listen to what it is trying to tell you.
Your skin is very expressive. It will react adversely to certain types of food; try and avoid them. Don’t forget to experiment and understand how much water intake is right for you.
Here is a quick trick to figuring out your skin type – wash your face and leave it alone for an hour. See if your skin has produced oil or if it is still dry. Then purchase skincare products accordingly. 🙂
Tip 3: The art of fooding  
This has been said many times, but we will say it again. A balanced diet is an indispensable tool to beauty. The easiest way is to eat simple home-cooked food. But if, like Vaishnavi, you are always on the go, and have to eat out several times, worry not. There are many ways to dine out and still have a healthy meal.
When eating out, Vaishanvi prefers having wholesome meals like chicken steak, omelets, or boiled eggs. She opts for a lot of coconut water and lemon tea to neutralize the excess oil.
Tip 4: Unharness the armor
Makeup may help you glow throughout the day, but when you get home, it is essential to unharness it, meticulously. Vaishanvi follows an extensive makeup removal routine. It starts with first removing all the layers with a cleanser, then wiping the face with a makeup eraser.
Then, move on to cleansing – a simple splash of water + face wash will do the trick. You may follow only the third step but never go to bed without removing all the makeup.
Tip 5: Skin care is a tradition  
Skin care may seem like a lot of work, but the trick is to turn it into a habit. Make it a part of your routine, multi-task while you are at it. Train your reflexes to do it without batting an eyelid. Do it for over a period of time without fail, and the next thing you know, you will be doing it for the rest of your life.
Tip 6: Your body is moody
Don’t forget to twist your routine according to how your skin is feeling a particular day. Just like you, your body has mood swings. It is OK to indulge every once in a while. Vaishavi ensures to treat herself every so often. Her guilty pleasures are apple pies and cinnamon rolls.
Tip 7: The one for aspiring actresses
The entertainment industry is the only profession where one has to be at work 24/7. Even when you are resting at home after shoots, you have to focus on getting your hair and skin back to life. You have to eat well the entire time, work out, and get enough sleep. If you are an aspiring actress, skin care is a part of your job, and there are no holidays!
Tip 8: The secret ingredient to beauty – Happiness
Vaishnavi’s final tip is the most important and underrated aspect of beauty. The key is to keep yourself healthy – both mentally and physically. If you are going through a bad phase at any point in time, it will instantly reflect on your face. The best route to beauty is to be happy, healthy, and disciplined – your skin will be the first to respond.
Cover Photo Courtesy: Sameer Belvalkar/ Makeup Artist: Sonal Burde.
Written by Prachi Shevgaonkar.

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