Did you know this about Sunny Leone?

There is more to celebrities than meets the eye. Sunny Leone may be known for Bollywood, reality shows, and her infamous oomph factor, but very few know about her activism. Sunny has long been vocal about animal rights not only through her interviews but also through her actions.
In 2016, Sunny was named animal rights organization PETA’s Person of the Year for her contributions to the cruelty-free movement. In 2018, when she launched her cosmetics brand ‘Star Struck by Sunny Leone,’ she refrained from animal testing, getting credibility in the form of PETA India’s cruelty-free Bunny logo.

She repeatedly campaigned against animal cruelty and gave a voice to those who do not have a voice. “Exotic skins and furs are probably one of the most traumatizing things that you could ever see. Some animals are still alive while they are being skinned. Some animals are sheered so that we could have that nice warm sweater,” she said in an interview aimed at promoting the work of PETA.

Sunny Leone, along with her husband Daniel Weber, has also passionately promoted the cause of rescue animals. Over the years, she has repeatedly urged her fans to adopt homeless animals and shelter them.

She has appeared in multiple campaigns for PETA, including a birth control campaign not for humans, but cats and dogs.

The most recent laurel to her cause includes a heart wrenching anti-leather campaign, shot beautifully by photographer Avinash Gowarikar.

The campaign shows sunny acting as a euphemism for what countless animals go through every year when they are skinned for our clothing. The tagline reads, ‘leather is a rip-off.’ Launched during Lakme Fashion Week, this campaign makes a powerful statement regarding the ethics of the textile industry.
Equipped with her iconic fame and massive fan following, Sunny is trying to not only make her career but also to make a difference. We love her all the more for it!
Way to go, Sunny Leone! ❤️

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