Pretty Girl Swag!

This is an absolutely gorgeous execution of an ad. The new #PrettyGirlSwag Livon Serum ad featuring Kangana Ranaut looks more like a top-notch, well produced music video. Great styling, beautifully shot and completely stepping up to the title, the campaign seems to have struck the right chords.

Kangana Ranaut: #PrettyGirlSwag for Livon Serum
Kangana Ranaut: #PrettyGirlSwag for Livon Serum

What immediately jumps out in the ad is how it eases you into it. Kangana looks like a million dollar and after watching it we all want to feel what she is feeling. Kangana is the brand’s first ever ambassador. The brand believes Kangana has the appeal to cut across all the socio-economic strata, age groups and more.
Conceptualised by DDB Mudra, Delhi, the essence of the ad finds home in absolute liberation.

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