"My music is self-expression, it allows me to say the words I otherwise can't say" – Mariah Jas

Her voice will make you feel electric. Her songs will reveal the person she is. Her talent won’t go unnoticed. Mariah Jas emotes her heart and soul through her music. Indian Ad Divas talk to this beauty-model, singer and globetrotter to get a peek into her musical life and dreams
What’s the one perpetual feeling you get when you sing?
I feel a lot of emotion when I sing, because every word that I sing is somewhere relates to me; be it my originals or the covers.The emotion which flows is kind of heavy but at the same time liberating. My music is self-expression, it allows me to say the words I otherwise can’t say and do the things that I otherwise can’t.
Where did you grow up?
I was born, studied and grew up in India. These days however, I get the opportunity to travel and see more places and meet new cultures.
Which countries/cities have you performed in?
I just started out in March 2015. My first single, Moon Rock, was released to worldwide radio, followed by my other singles.
I get offers to perform in 5-star hotels in India and was fortunate to be invited to perform in Azerbajain too. I am also looking at offer for collaborations and music production. I have agreed to a few. It’s both challenging and interesting to work with others, with various genres and finding a way to engage completely. My current music distributor, Musik and Film, has recently lined up a series of world touring program for their artists which includes China and India.

Singer, model, Mariah Jas
Singer, model, Mariah Jas

Have you done ad jingles? If yes, could you tell us a little more about them?
I did a few ad jingles for radio stations and it has been an amazing experience. Creating an ad jingle is totally different. Those few words could mean a lot to a business enterprise.
What’s your journey into being an artist been like?
My grandfather from my maternal side was a musician. I probably must have inherited his genes. My interest in music really started during my early adolescence around the time Britney Spears entered the music scene. In essence I was greatly influenced by the music of Britney and Amy Winehouse. I attended music lessons, did more self-study and listened to the singing styles of various artists until I started developing my own individual singing style. I write and sing my songs and I do each of them to my heart content. It’s hard work with plenty of trials and errors but I continue to believe in myself. The many positive responses that I continue to receive is a major factor in enabling me to continue making more beautiful songs.
I really would like my music to reach out to the world. It’s not going to be easy and I won’t give up. However, my journey has taught me so much, it has helped me to become more open-minded, to expand my imagination into creativity.
You are also a dancer and a model; how do these different art forms come together for you?
I was a professional ramp model, before I got into music. Modelling had turned me into a more confident person. Dancing is incidental but it gives me a liberating feeling. This freedom helps me create and write music, with all the confidence that I could call my own. I think its great how your mind is trained to make your body change in every given thing you do.
Dance dance dance: Mariah Jas
Dance dance dance: Mariah Jas

You come from an interesting mix of Chinese, Filipino and Indian heritage, could you tell us more about your family and how that influences your art?
My mother is a Filipino of Chinese lineage and my father is Indian. The Philippines was colonized by Spain, Japan and America for many years, so the Filipino culture is an adaptation of the east and the predominant west. The large Chinese community blended very well within the context of the Filipino life. Chinese New Year is especially celebrated in the country. Indian tradition is very colorful, lively and ethnically unique and diverse. Adapting and living within the realms of these cultures  gives me a chance to savor each and complement my music blending together into a smooth, perfect unison. My single ‘Stoned Feelin’, is one such example. With fashion modelling, the designs and the clothes which I model reflect its cultural background and the time it lives.
What moves you to write a song?
Everything that I write is a combination of my own experiences.  We humans go through similar feelings and so we can relate to each other. It’s all pure emotions that really gets me moving and motivates me to write freely about what’s on my mind and in my heart. People have their own way of expressing themselves and so they way they interpret things are also different. Each of my songs is interpreted differently. Some of them are in dance form, slow and melodious or simply foot stamping. It’s the best way to let the world know all your unspoken words and to feel free not just mentally but supernaturally as well.
Mariah Jas: Music is self-expression
Mariah Jas: Music is self-expression

What are some of your influences; musical and others?
It’s very interesting listening to different styles of vocalization. My way of writing music has been influenced by Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse. Amy was a mesmerizing talent. My parents’ positive attitude and don’t- give- up outlook in life  has a very strong influence on me.
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