Mari Thai

We could watch the impeccable, pretty Mari Thai all day like the guy in the Pond’s Pure White advert! The ad was being aired in India until quite recently (now the product is modelled by Ana Rotili). This is a wonderful advert with the ever-delightful Mari in Pink… The only thing that puts me off though is the missing beauty spot on her cheek! 😐
Neejee Chhabra has done the voice over in Hindi for the commercial:
Her Dove Damage Therapy ad of the fairy Mari that was aired in the country:
Mari Thai, from Sydney, Australia, has modelled for several brands in her country and across Asia at large (and became one of the most loved Indian ad diva, too!). Some of the products she modelled for include Samsung Galaxy, Bangkok Airways, Taiwan Beer, AXE, Kopiko, Revlon Cosmetics, Mitsubishi, Pond’s, Dove, among others. Photos are from Mari Thai’s Facebook.

mari thai for dove
Mari Thai presenting herself Dove damage therapy to the world! (©Mari Jasmine Facebook photo)


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