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"I’m outgoing and enjoy annoying people from time to time" – Kavya Bali

When talent, class and determination come together, there is Kavya Bali. A multi-talented gorgeous diva, she is a model, fashion blogger, stylist and actress. Standing 5’6″, this young lady, is symbol of style for today’s youth. She is beautiful, smart and ambitious at the same time she is bubbly and energetic.
A typical Hyderabadi girl, Kavya completed her education in Little Scholar School and graduation in St. Francis. A few of her friends nudged her to go and give a try in Miss India South. With second runner up in Femina Miss India South 2008 in her bag, she embarked into this magical journey of style and glamour.
Kavya has endorsed for Guess Watches, Guess Jeans, Samsung, Nalli Silk Sarees, Kalamandir, Musaddilal Jewellers, Sakshi, Kalaniketan, Pantaloons, among others. Her modeling assignments included Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week and various jewellery stores like Tanishq. Whatever she adorned, she carried it off with style and brought a flavor to it.

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A peek into the life of Kavya
Describe Kavya on the sets as against real life.
Kavya on the sets is poised, calm and professional. In real life, according to what people have to say, I’d call myself crazy. I’m outgoing and enjoy annoying people from time to time. Two starkly opposite personalities!
Who inspires you – both career wise and personally?
I love, love, love Audrey Hepburn. The grace with which she carried herself career wise and personally is awe-inspiring. I do try to channel my Audrey Hepburn now and then but I fail. (laughs)
Current projects you’re working on?
Styling shoots for celebrities coming up and a big move to Bombay is on the cards. I’m not taking up anything as of now because I’m busy packing my whole world (which is a lot!)
Your most memorable experience – professionally?
When Guess Watches chose me to represent India as a fashion blogger on an international level it couldn’t get any better than that.
Your turning point in life?
Miss India 2008 was a major turning point in my life. That is when I knew how much the fashion industry meant to me and how much I enjoyed being a part of it.
A day in your life…
If it is a shoot day then I wake up by 7 a.m. and end my day at 8 or 9 p.m. depending on the number of looks. By the end of the day, I’m so tired that I sleep like a log with my dog on my face. The rest of the days that I’m free I’m usually researching for my online store which I’m going to start pretty soon. In the evening, I relax and go to a coffee place and meet my friends or watch a sitcom or read a lovely book.
Your future plan?
Be that old lady with lots and lots of dogs with a beach house in Goa!
Kavya Bali Fashion Blogger Captivating
Captivating Kavya Bali

Favourite Quote: The kingdom of heaven is within you and whoever shall know himself shall find it. A powerful quote found in the Greek and Egyptian scriptures.
Fashion Statement: Statement necklaces, High heels and matte red lipstick
That place you must visit: GREEECE!
Music: Alt rock, Hip-hop, Dub step, EDM.
Celebrity: Henry Cavill and Emanuelle Chriqui.
Top of your bucket list: Travel, travel and travel!
If you weren’t fashion blogger, model, stylist… what would you have done?
I am a creative person so I would have been an Interior designer, which I am but I’m saving that as my 2nd career option.
Fashion tips for laymen…
In a nutshell, Dark colors like burgundy, Emerald, Browns and violets are slimming colors. Wear vertical pin-stripe pants with pointed heels and it makes one look taller. Accessories complete and transform an outfit. Crop tops, Dr Martin boots, Burgundy, Punk, winter pastels are trending this fall 2013.
Kavya Bali is a Hyderabadi model and fashion stylist
Kavya Bali is a Hyderabadi model. Photo: Sarath Shetty

Follow Kavya on her blog: Be Me or like her Facebook page.
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