IAD is now on WhatsApp!

Dear all,
We have a quick announcement to make. If you have subscribed to our website and have not received information or answers to your queries  int comments section yet, chances are we missed them or got too busy with the life. And, we apologise for that. We’re about to change all this by revamping the UX of the Indian Ad Divas website soon.
The good news for now is that we have a brand new WhatsApp group to help you continue the conversations we missed here. It’s more convenient that way.
The group consists of 30-odd kind people and it’s growing every day! Do check it out.
Once again, here’s  the link to the IAD official WhatsApp group. Please make the best use of the platform.

Continue conversations on our official WhatsApp group, and remember to be kind to the group members. 🙏

Thank you.
Admin at IAD – Wajendhar

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