Best Ads 2015 Part III

Here’s Part III of our best picks from the ads that touched our hearts in 2015
Myntra- best of fashion:
You can ease into this ad, it feels like sunshine and that’s what makes this stand out. There’s nothing extraordinary about it but it showcases simple, guilty shopping pleasures and that just makes this Myntra ad so adorable.
Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra:
It’s a cute ad. The girlfriend/wife (introducing Carla Dennis) knows what her beloved has cooked for her from his shirt stains. But there’s always Whirlpool to take care of that. The ad represents the new generation; in the sense of not having a woman doing household chores but the man actually making his woman a meal unlike the older ads where either the kids come home with stained clothes or the husband stains his work clothes. Great step forward to newer perspectives
This ad is about a quality that we should all possess and just for that it leaves a trace after you watch it. It’s about sharing and being generous. When the guy offers that chair to the girl, it’s a good mix of being a gentleman, representing old school romance but also embracing the idea of giving.
Vicco Turmeric Facewash:
Vicco Turmeric is such a strong brand; it’s been alive and kicking for many years. The ad still stands for all the old standards but caters to a newer audience as well. Turmeric with its invaluable qualities is what makes this product and have always worked excellently through all the ads. Mishi Chakravarthy featured in the ad makes a perfect Vicco Turmeric girl.
Idea Easy Share:
Sentimental and maybe a touch too over dramatic but it’s such a huge step for our country in terms of the reach of technology and this ad portrays where India stands today beautifully. It also focuses on the concept of sharing- again such a positive energy for when people are in trouble. Starring the gorgeous Isha Talwar.
It’s a story about love, a story about connecting over music and a story that makes you feel like there are magical things in the world even in mundane moments like travelling in a local train where most people look either exhausted or frustrated or both.

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