Being Progressive

The magic you feel when you watch something absolutely stunning, ethereal, immersive, like losing yourself; a feeling that stays with you; stays inside you. It’s a seed sown for more in the same vein, something about to sweep you off your feet the same way. They are measured but strong and completely aligns with the progressive thinking that we are all completely capable of; which is much-needed in the society and world that we live in.
Visual imagery and visual art are highly effective to transport us to a different world, a world we want to live in, a world that is fair, just and happy. Each of the ads below makes us want to make a change or applaud the change that is happening. Breaking old habits and cages to embrace the open road; it’s the sentiment that spoke to us when we picked these for you.
Forest Essentials
This Forest Essentials ad is packed with so much power and grit, it’s hard not to feel some of it yourself after watching it. The protagonist in the ad (Diva Dhawan) is shown preparing for a war of some sort. Beautifully styled, shot and executed, this video is powerful in the sense of having a woman warrior forging ahead with her father’s blessings; being so warrior-like but yet so. Like straight out of mythology where women warriors if not commonplace was very much a part of some cultures. The strength that lies deep within her is infectious.
Dabur Vatika: Brave & Beautiful
Maybe a tad bit over dramatic but still filled with a whole lot of love, support and awe for women cancer survivors. The husband is too adorable and her work-mates just what all cancer survivors would dream of
Titan Raga
Other than Nimrat Kaur being absolutely fantastic as an actor, the ad’s sarcasm and poke at what our society still expects women to be and do is a good reminder of the fact that things have to move on.
Tanishq-Wedding Jewellery
We picked this one especially for its light and easy flow; there’s not thing too heavy or serious about this ad. Just a Punjabi granny being so excited about having her grand-daughters choose grooms that belong to a different culture. It is a grand gesture and a big change for the older generation to start being easy and light about it.
Femina Generation W
Ads like these are really important for any kind of social change and Femina’s effort to create something that is so relevant today is worth major props.
Fastrack: The Closet
You may not yourself in this one, because it’s a little out of the box or should we say out of the closet?
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