Anushka Sharma spreads positivity with #HappyTweets Campaign

Have you been frustrated with the anonymous trolls and endless negativity on social media platforms? It is about time the coin is flipped with a new wave of solidarity. Anushka Sharma is leading the bandwagon with a refreshing Twitter campaign called #HappyTweets.

The #HappyTweets campaign was launched with a simple tweet from Anushka. She urged Twitter users to focus on conversations that spread happiness and inspiration.

She also launched a customized HappyTweets Emoji, which symbolized the human spirit of goodness and connectivity. Speaking about the encouraging initiative, Anushka said,

Platforms like Twitter have tremendous potential to tap into the inherent goodness of humankind and bring across social change, as well as the power to generate conversations that impact human thought and behavior.

Anushka Sharma

If the campaign excites you, share a thought on Twitter that makes you smile, with the #HappyTweets Hashtag and emoji. It is efforts like this that will help make the digital space a happy place. πŸ™‚

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